The Changing Nature of Journalism

Before the advent of the world-wide web, reporters and photographers could not do the job without editors, publishers or broadcasters.70145b_lg
They worked together as one unit and as a unit they made newspapers. At that time the only sources of news were from the newspaper. People would believe anything journalists write and people would receive information and not question anything about it.

Today, with the advancement of technology people are able to access more and in more means than one.

The role of journalism is changing. Easy to use technologies help in connecting like-minded people. Anyone can now use a camera and picture the events that are phenomenon around them. Anyone can type about recent news and events and share in social media. We have the freedom to write, speak and post what we deem “newsworthy”.

Today, to keep up with the progression of news in media, newspapers are now placing state-of-the-news-media-package-featured-imagetheir news online and on many different social media sites. They share their information online where the gathering of information is more efficient. With the whole variety of sites with information available, people can now question and compare knowledge. As JohnofScribbleSheet said “from lecture to a conversation”.

People today will not rely solely on one media site. Personally, I would check different media sites and watch it on the news for confirmation. You have to be cautious with fake news sites and not believe everything the internet claims.

Sharing of information is a great thing that technology allows us to do freely and by being free we must know where our boundaries are. We must be aware of the things we put on the internet if it is true or just made up and we must be aware of how it might affect anyone.drvox-twitter


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